Thank you for your interest in our events!

We offer dozens of author visits and other fun programming each year. Check our our events calendar to see what’s coming up at Riverstone Books.  Please review these event guidelines to get a sense of what to expect when meeting your favorite author.

Please note that all events follow the author's and publisher's wishes and may mean limits on photos and the number of signed or personalized books. Riverstone Books is not responsible for changes made by the author to the guidelines prior to or during the event.

Event tickets are non-refundable. Also, carefully note the event start time and plan to arrive early.  We cannot guarantee the length of time that any author will be visiting with us.

 Events held in our stores

For events held in our store, all are welcome to attend and listen, but in order to meet the author and have your book signed, you must purchase the author’s newest book from Riverstone Books. You can do this on our online store, over the phone, or in person. Your book purchase will entitle you to a signing line number.

In most cases, the author will speak briefly and take a few questions before we start the signing line.  If the author is personalizing books, our staff will ask you to spell the name that you would like written in your book and provide you with a sticky note at the correct page.  If the author is taking photos, we ask that you have your camera out and ready for our staff to hold and take the photo for you. 

Our staff will let you know when you arrive at the event where you should go, and we will answer any other questions you may have at that time.

Events held at other locations

Off-site events require a ticket to attend, nearly always included with the purchase of the author’s new book from Riverstone Books. Tickets may be purchased on our website, by calling our store, or in person at our store.

Each of these events will have specific guidelines, but in general you can expect a presentation by the author, possibly some questions from the audience, and a signing line. Occasionally these authors will have pre-signed copies of the book, in which case the presentation will be longer.

Due to time constraints and crowd size, it is not always guaranteed that you will be able to get a photo with the visiting author.  Please check the details of each event to make sure, but also note that these guidelines can change, at the author and publisher’s discretion, once the event has started.

Please note that especially for our larger events, in order to make sure that all fans have a chance to meet the author, we cannot provide extended time for each person to visit with the author.  There may also be limits on the number of books that can be signed, including older titles and/or books brought from home. Our events are guided by the wishes of the author and the publisher.

Check our our Events Calendar to see what’s coming up at Riverstone Books.

Contact us should you have any additional questions. We look forward to seeing you at Riverstone Books soon!


Event FAQ:

How do I attend?

In-store events are free and open to the public. To join the signing line, please purchase a copy of the author’s new book from Riverstone Books.

Off-site events require a ticket, which usually include the new book. The cost is dependent on the cost of the book.

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Can I get my book from home signed?

A purchase from Riverstone Books is required to join the signing line; additional books from home of older titles can be signed at the discretion of the author.

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Can I get a photo with the author?

Those guidelines are determined by the author and the publisher, so check each event for specifics.

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What is a signing line number?

The order in which you purchase your book/ticket determines the order of the signing line. This reserved place is indicated on your signing line ticket or as a “seat number” for tickets. This means that you don’t need to arrive early to reserve a space!

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