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Breathe Empower Achieve - Conversation with Author Shonda Moralis

Join RIverstone owner Barbara Jeremiah for a conversation Shonda Moralis about her new book, Breathe Empower Achieve. Whether you are dealing with the chaos of the new school year, a demanding job, being a caregiver or simply not taking enough time your own well being, we’ll talk about what has worked for us and what works for you and how to incorporate Shonda’s principles into your daily routine. There will definitely be wine included!

What happens when you don't have time for mindfulness? This book helps busy women build mindfulness into what they're already doing, by carving out a minute or two for the practice

  1. While we wait in traffic, or wait for a website to load, we can take a breathe mindful break that promotes calm

  2. Here are over 60 mindful breaks for all working women -- whether that means working in an office, in the home, or juggling family obligations